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Together, the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (LIMEHOF) and Catholic Health bring you “Health and Harmony,” a collaborative effort aimed to engage, educate and inspire Long Islanders about the positive effects of music on their health.

We are committed to supporting wellness through music and the arts and have designed “Health and Harmony” with Catholic Health’s certified music therapy team to connect people and communities with the tools to do so.

Inspired by artists from Long Island, let us introduce you to the music and sounds that can support you and your health goals.

Whether it is a need to relax and find your calm, motivation to make you move, or the desire for comfort as you travel down memory lane – our local playlists, self-care workshops and community-focused Long Island events are here to introduce you to “Health and Harmony.”

Health and Harmony Playlists

Answer these music questions and find the playlists that are just right for you!

What Do I Need To Hear Today Quiz (Self-Assessment)

Health and Harmony Events